Our contributorship practice helps clients profit from the dramatic changes in the media landscape.

This practice was formed in partnership with David R. Evanson, one of the nation’s most prolific and successful business writers, and with whom we have a 25-year relationship.

So-called contributorships turn the conventional public relations equation on its ear.  Rather than pitching stories to the media and fighting for coverage, we establish our clients as regular contributors at the major/influential/credible media outlets that their prospects read.

Clients control the editorial agenda
Clients control the content
Clients control the timing
Clients control the length of their exposure

And, because our clients maintain the rights to the content they create, their contributed content offers a powerful content creation engine for social media programs and website SEO.

We use our relationships and know-how to market clients directly to targeted outlets, negotiate the terms of their contributions, and assist them in developing and executing on editorial agendas with fresh, vibrant content.

By helping our clients join the ranks of the media in targeted outlets, DeFazio Communications gives them exposure with superb reach,  frequency and impact.


David Evanson

David Evanson has more than 25 years experience in finance, financial communications and financial journalism. Early in his career, he worked with a venture capital firm, then later at an investment banking firm with responsibilities in marketing, corporate finance and syndicate.

In 1988, Evanson formed an investor relations firm, and by the time of my departure in 2003, had built it into the largest investor and public relations firm in the Philadelphia metropolitan region. Throughout this period, he continued to write, and authored four books on economics and finance.

The last book, Where to Go When the Bank Says No, which was published by Bloomberg, earned a four and half star rating from the Wall Street Journal.  In addition, Evanson was a columnist for EntrepreneurVenture and Success magazines and was also published in ForbesBarron’s and Nation’s Business.

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