Your public relations communication strategy doesn’t just need an expert–it needs a network. 

DeFazio Communications has been delivering high impact PR strategy, messaging, and exposure to our clients for over a decade. In that time, we’ve recognized our clients’ need for equally strong support services to capitalize on the exposure and opportunities that we bring them. Enter the Flex Program.  

The DeFazio Flex Program draws on the strength of our advisory skills and experience to provide wraparound PR services. We tap our network of best-in-class marketing communications professionals, hand-picked over 25 years, in PR to build integrated strategies to help your message land with resonance and impact. The Flex Program brings Senior level talent to your campaign in public affairs, creative design, media buying, SEO and SEM, and ghostwriting.

It’s standard practice in many PR agencies to bring in the President or Senior VP to work on a campaign for the first few weeks, and then transition the project to junior staff. The Flex Program brings senior talent to the table for the duration of your project, bringing you measurably superior results.  

The Flex Program is not a hybrid ghost agency model, or a subscription to a network of anonymous contractors. Every service provider has a relationship with the agency, and has passed muster through a deep portfolio of stellar work. 

Contact us to learn more about the Flex Program, and get access to a robust, deep, and wide network of specialists in every marketing communication discipline that we can plug in to add immediate value to your campaigns.


Flex Program Talent Disciplines: 

Public affairs

Creative design

Web development

Media buying



Social Media