Our Mission

We help clients harness the power of earned media to grow their business. No other marketing tool is more powerful than earned media. It differentiates, provides credibility and validates a business value. We offer a spectrum of strategies to help clients leverage earned media to become market leaders.


What We Do

We help our clients tell their stories to people who influence markets. We develop relationships with top tier journalists, bloggers and influencers to generate exposure and engagement that enhances clients’ reputation and leadership. Our extensive network of media contacts allows us to reach target audiences- no matter the industry.


Why Choose Us

We have 30 years of successful PR experience. We are exceptional storytellers, strategists and valued partners for our clients. We have relationships with media and high-value strategic partners that provides the firepower of larger firms with the customized and attentive service of boutique agencies.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to delivering narratives and proactive engagement that builds bridges and open doors for clients to tell their stories to people who influence markets. While the technologies and tools in communications change, by focusing on this value proposition, we deliver consistent results while remaining agile and responsive to changing media landscape and dynamic demands of our clients.

Digital Innovation

SEO, social media and blogs are fully integrated into earned media strategies. Never siloed or separated. Press releases feature key words and hyperlinks to optimize digital power to drive traffic to websites. Backlinking is an essential aspect of our blogging and social media engagement strategies.